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We're a design studio and an online shop, focused on creating inspiring work with purpose. We specialize in brand identity work through means of concept, art direction, typography, lettering, & illustration. Building relationships between our clients and their audience is important to us and doing so builds these brands and their stories.

We also love creating our own work for others to have in their home. Interior design and architecture is a passion of ours and we strive to contribute to those industries and their styles. When we surround ourselves with beautiful things, we become enlightened in our daily lives.

Our Story

We met in art class (2 in one semester — it was basically meant to be.) Being friends for a year was the best foundation for us and when we got married in 2011 we learned even more about our creative strengths and weaknesses. Our talents compliment each other, even down to when she sings and he accompanies her on the piano. As creatives, we share common interests and goals; and through Variety Show we hope to bring those to you!

Amber Asay

Owner / Designer / Creative Director

Amber graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. She's passionate about communicating in simple forms and loves organizing creative concepts.
She works hard to ensure her vision comes to
life and is always thinking of the next project
to embark on. 

Mike Asay

Owner / Illustrator / Letterer 

Mike graduated with a BA in Illustration. He loves to visually express ideas and stories, and is committed to keeping the art of hand-lettering alive. He also sees the world through environments that are pieced together by architecture and landscape design.  

Variety Show

The meaning behind the name comes from our love for early 20th century entertainment. We admire the art deco era when people were discovering other cultures, taking risks and applying it to the American lifestyle. The Vaudeville days weren't just an expression of talents, but bringing different backgrounds together to create a truly diverse art piece. We strive for that stylistically, bringing different cultural stories and eras to our work. We have so much to learn from one another, and when we do it's uplifting for everyone.